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We offer a completely integrated, comprehensive online school management system specifically designed for high schools.
Limu includes a learner, teacher and parent portal, all fully integrated into a single, powerful, and completely secure portal.

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LIMU does it all !


Teacher Portal

Teachers can access all their information from anywhere, anytime. Through the portal teachers are able to upload academic resources (worksheets, past exam papers, etc), make class announcements, post student marks amongst other things.

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Learner Portal

Limu's online student portal gives students the ability to stay connected, informed, and up-to-date. Learners are able to access school resources, check their grades, take tests online, and submit assignments amongst many other features.

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Parent Portal

Limu's online parent portal makes it easy for parents to stay connected and informed. Limu enables parents to log onto the portal and locate their children's profile where they will be able to check their children's marks, read school announcements and communicate with teachers.

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Convenience for teachers, learners and parents is what LIMU strives to achieve. LIMU can be access on all computers.


More and more teachers are using tablets in the classroom. LIMU works on all tablets.


Students love their mobile devices. LIMU is now accessible on every mobile device.